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Though some films glorify the act of addiction rather than portraying the journey of recovery, there are still numerous movies that deliver honest, authentic performances of people both in recovery and actively coping with addiction. Films about alcoholism have run the gamut when it comes to their representation on the screen. On the one hand, there’s the lightweight approach of Arthur (1981) and My Favourite Year (1982), loosely based on Mel Brook’s encounter with legendary Hollywood hellraiser Erroll Flynn in the 1950s).

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It doesn’t give the exact insight into the life of the author but does explain in general how life tends to go south for them. The film perfectly uses the subject of alcoholism to its advantage while Mickey Rourke gives a highly appreciable performance as the drunkard. A married couple whose bond is built on a mutual love of alcohol gets their relationship put to the test when the wife decides to get sober.

Great Movies about Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Finally Cory admits he can’t stop drinking and begins to take his recovery seriously through faith based meetings and the love and support of his family and his team of little leaguers. The film portrays real events such as Johnny getting arrested, overdosing on stage, becoming angry, bitter and out of control. His passion for music and his love for June are strong, as is her love for him even though she finds it difficult to allow herself to get close because of his addiction. This love and passion is what sees him come through his painful addiction with the help of the love of June and her family, he does get strong and clean. The films shows really well, the drama and suffering that can go on underneath the surface of a seemingly perfect life. The toll it takes when trying to have it all and be everything to everyone.

In particular, the first encounter between Cooper’s Jack and Gaga’s Ally is heart-rendering and showcases both actor’s on-screen charisma. Shia LaBeouf’s off-screen antics have played as significant a role as his often searing on-screen performances. Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges play on-screen versions of the actor, while LaBeouf himself plays his father. Baseball all-star Cory Brand knows what it takes to win in the big leagues. But off the field, with memories of his drunk father haunting him, his life is spiralling out of control. He secretly drinks before games and becomes angry and abusive when things don’t go his way.


While Charles did stop using heroin and have a long career until his death in 2004 (via The New York Times), „Ray“ does a service in showing how the singer’s childhood and the dynamics of his adulthood put him on a destructive path. As Charles, Jamie Foxx delivers an Oscar-winning performance that perfectly articulates the way heroin can be debilitating and destructive to its users and the film doesn’t opt to resolve so much as it hopes to reconcile. „Ray“ concludes with Charles in rehab, suffering from vivid nightmares and visions while going through withdrawal. The film is an important depiction of how trauma informs addiction and the lengths it takes to heal from it. In 1945, this will have been an exceptionally provocative movie, alcohol addiction was a thing that took place behind closed doors.

The film comes with tragedy, Gorman Hendricks died of cirrhosis of the liver before the film was released and Ray Salyer died a few years later as a result of alcoholism. His best friend, Liam is an addict, and the film revolves around Kavanaghs’s relationship with Sarah, Liam’s health visitor. In the UK, a health visitor is a public employee engaged in domestically based health care. He develops a relationship with a prostitute, Sera (Elizabeth Shue), but this too is affected by Sanderson’s addiction.

Shields says she said goodbye to her mother a „long time“ before she passed away in 2012.

Nic (Timothée Chalamet) had a sparkling future ahead of him—good grades, college, and unbound creativity. However, after trying numerous drugs, he finds himself hooked on meth. He swings back and forth between rehabs, 12-step programmes and relapses, drowning in the shame and desperation of his addiction. Chalamet’s performance in particular stands out, juggling the guilt of letting his father down and need to run away.

After losing his son, the ex-baseball player (Nicholson) is comforted by his girlfriend/drinking buddy. Every time you bring up the name “Devdas,” you’re met with the conundrum of which picture to bring up first. Because Shah Rukh Khan’s acting here is so real, you can’t help but feel sorry for his character’s plight. Besides her grace and dance prowess, Madhuri Dixit also possesses impressive acting chops. Most of the people in this film are mourning their losses, and as a result, the film is filled with intense sadness. ‘Drunken Master’ stands out from the others because it portrays alcoholism in a positive light.

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However, when Teri passed away from dementia at the age of 79 in 2012, Shields said „there was no real closure or anything beautiful about it.“ Speaking a decade after the loss of her mother in the documentary, Shields said that she „used to believe that if my mother died, I would die.“ After four seasons, the show was canceled, but Shields said that she didn’t let it „hinder my confidence“ as it allowed her to surprise both herself and people’s perceptions of her. Shields said that it was Agassi who helped her break Alcohol intolerance Diagnosis & treatment away from her mom, who was still officially her manager, although she recognized in retrospect that she went from one controlling relationship to another. „I thought I was going to graduate and go back into a movie a year,“ Shields said, reflecting on the four years she spent away from the film industry between the ages of 19 and 22. However, after he lied and told Oprah Winfrey in a live television interview in 1993 that they were dating, Shields said she felt hurt and „eventually sort of lost touch with him.“

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